Say "Hello" to Hawk Performance


Hawk Performance®, the official brake product of the SCCA, has been a great supporter of our programs and membership for over 16 years! In addition to providing support for competitors in our long-running programs like Solo and Road Racing, Hawk is frequently among the first to support SCCA’s new programs like Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack and Time Trials Nationals.

Aside from the contingencies and program sponsorships, Hawk seeks to improve your experience and safety with their products and their newest innovation is no different. The newly released Talon® high performance street rotors match the performance you’ve grown to expect from Hawk Performance brake pads.  Talon is engineered to maximize stopping power, increase effective life of both pads and rotors, and reduce corrosion for an overall more precise braking experience on any road condition.

Talon is designed to fit your vehicle’s current braking system with no modifications needed.  They are built to meet or exceed OE specifications, weights, and production processes.  The proprietary Magni™ coating allows for more coating to be applied on and around the interior veins and to the more porous center of the rotor’s core where rust grows fastest, helping to avoid premature failure.

Talon is available as cross-drilled and slotted to optimize thermal efficiency, heat dissipation, strength and improved wet braking.  For your heavy-duty applications, Talon is also available in slotted-only formats. These slots leverage the DTC slots that you have grown to love for your racing needs.

Currently Talon is available for more than 16,000 different vehicles, with more planned for release in coming months. New kit product listings are available to fit more than 3,000 vehicles, with Hawk’s HPS 5.0, HPS, LTS, and Performance Ceramic performance street brake pads.

Due to the intelligent engineering from here in North America, Talon is the new, premium choice for keeping you safe on the road.  Whether you trust HP+, DTC-60 or Black to shave seconds off your time, trust Talon to get you home.

All renewing SCCA members will get a coupon for $20 off your Hawk purchase of $200 or more. This week, if you refer a friend to SCCA membership, you’ll both be entered to win $200 to spend at Hawk’s online store!

Learn more about Talon rotors at or check with your favorite Hawk Performance vendor.

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